Environmental Sustainability

Environmental commitment

As part of Imperial Pacific’s mission to be a responsible corporation, we continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact by awareness promotion and innovation. Our environmental policy covers a wide range of employee environmental responsibilities, including energy conservation, waste reduction and environmental preservation.

Commitment in Our Environmental Policy
  • Promoting environmental sustainability in all our operations to comply with applicable and relevant federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Reviewing our business practices regularly to adopt current approaches to suit the environmental context.
  • Creating a workplace where our employees are engaged in environmental measures that contribute to energy conservation and waste reduction.
  • Disposing of waste thoughtfully, and developing an attitude of “reducing and recycling”.

Energy and emission

Electricity is the key source of energy usage and the largest contributor of our greenhouse gas emissions. We integrate environmental considerations into our business operations, and we are committed to setting air-conditioning temperatures between 25 – 27°C in summer, using daylight whenever possible to eliminate excessive lighting, turning off air-conditioning and switching off lights in unoccupied rooms and switching off air-conditioning, lights, electrical appliances and equipment after office hours.

With our new resort hotel entering operation, we expect there will be a significant increase in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We will strive to minimize consumption and emissions through implementing environmental management systems and continuous improvement.

Waste and sewage

Possible environmental impacts might be generated throughout the construction projects for development of hotel(s) and other facilities in Saipan. However, we work closely with our contractors to minimize the impact and preserve our surrounding natural environment.

Our major contractors have ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems in place. The construction sites have detailed systems that track all environmental related data, including energy consumption, water usage, waste generation and recycling. There are also strict protocols in place for handling waste, especially chemical and toxic waste.

Saipan is located in the Pacific Ocean and heavy rains may occur during the rainy season causing coastal run-off, and hence, well managed sewage treatment is required to prevent contaminated water from overflowing into the sea causing pollution. Our contractors have constructed a well-fenced sediment pond and established a dewatering bag system that controls sediment discharges, regular monitoring of the effectiveness of our system and the quality of the water is also in place to prevent contamination.