Company Statement


Our company, Imperial Pacific International Holdings Company Limited (referred to as “Imperial Pacific”), is a listed company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 1076).

Imperial Pacific specializes in the development of a high-end leisure and entertainment business of international standards, covering the development and operation of integrated entertainment, leisure facilities and resorts. The company brings together the world's leaders, adhering to the concept of innovation and pragmatism, exploring and expanding new opportunities in tourism and vacations around the world, providing customers with the best entertainment and leisure experiences.

Recently, it has come to our notice that some unauthorized people have illegally promoted crypto currency related activities in the name of our company, causing confusion to our customers and have caused a serious impact to our normal operations and company reputation.

We, hereby, reminds consumers not to be lured into by these false advertisement by taking proper assessments.  In the meantime, in view of all kinds of illegal acts carried out under the name of our company, we will take serious actions by reporting to the police and related authorities in the first time to safeguard the rights of our company and stakeholders who has long term interests in  the development of our company.

We hereby declare.